Diana Gibbs is a coach, facilitator and consultant with many years’ experience of working with individuals and leadership teams. She focuses on supporting new managers, often complementing their informal learning, but is equally at home coaching leaders in change management, skills development and staff performance.

With a background in business and operations, I first trained in NLP, then in Clean Language and Symbolic Modelling and am a recognised Clean coach with the Clean Coaching Centre. I am also a volunteer mentor for young people with the Social Mobility Foundation.


BA; PG Diploma General Management (Ashridge/City University 2000); PG Certificate in Coaching (Roffey Park Institute/University of Sussex 2017); NLP Practitioner; MCMI

A lot of people think that managing is ‘just common sense’. And if at work we were always sailing along in calm waters that might be true.  Yet common sense can desert us very quickly when we don’t feel equipped to handle the situation.  We get nervous about rocking the boat.  We’re under pressure, coping with conflicting priorities, and managing people with varying needs who we have to keep working with, whatever the outcome. So we let things ride, pretending it will all blow over.  But under the surface these bits of unfinished business simmer and fester. 

Knowing how to develop relationships that can withstand robust conversations, surface problems and test assumptions is the mark of a good team leader and manager.

As managers it seems we are expected to know all the answers the minute we get promoted. Yet striving for your best takes trial and error and in other fields it is common to keep learning with a coach throughout one's career. How else do you enhance your skills, learn to cope with setbacks and avoid slipping into bad habits?


I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have about what coaching is, how I work, and how I can help you become a confident leader, or member, of a team.


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